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Shops we Like - Ocean Haus

Shops we Like - Ocean Haus

Posted by Brett Vergou on

Ocean Haus is the brainchild of local Central Coast surfers Craig Barret and Beau Vanstratten.
With a retail background from both, and drive to supply something to community other than a stock standard surf shop, the two set out to build a high end aesthetic retail and cafe experience. 
Set in the heart of busy Terrigal, The store open its doors late last year catering to wide demographic of surfers and of course coffee connoisseur!
The store has what some of a 'Saturdays' esq feel about it but on steroids! 
A huge selection of boards not just limited to performance, but a lot in the way of alternate crafts such as Gato Heroi, Vouch and more. 
Fins, Wetsuits of course and apparel are just part of the selections on offering.
The cafe offers an array of tasteful food selections and of course that one drug we all seem to need now days....Coffee! 
Do yourself a favour and next time your visiting the holiday destination of Terrigal, Pop in to see Craig and Beau and treat your self!
Located at 5-9 Campbell Cres. Terrigal , NSW, Australia.

coffee Ocean Haus Adelio
Coffee flows  
Ocean Hause Adelio

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