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Travel music compilation #2 WEED DEMON

Travel music compilation #2 WEED DEMON

Posted by Brett Vergou on

Weed Demon
Astrological Passages
Daily Grind Records
Weed Demon’s downtuned, gloomy, and depressingly heavy riffs will fill your ears with thick, morose sludge, while your deep-fried brain oozes from your eye sockets and your face melts into your lap. This shit sounds the best on full volume in a hot-boxed cloud of Skywalker OG smoke. If you like Stoner/Doom/Psych bands like Monolord, Dopethrone, or Boris—you’re sure to love Weed Demon. They’re one of the heaviest bands going right now. Long drawn out stoner anthems of god-like guitar solos coupled with droned out cathartic-yet-harmonic vocal destruction and percussion. There’s even a cover of Motor head’s “Damage Case” on Astrological Passages that fucking kills. Whatever, though—don’t take my word for it. Just smoke a shit ton of fucking weed, listen to their album, and then decide for yourself if you like it. Your opinion is your own and I’m too high to think about that kind of shit right now.
By Aaron Shmidt

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